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Date Posted:11/21/2021 8:58 PMCopy HTML

Come on in and have a seat and lets chat a bit.

This year is fast leaving us now and a new one will be arriving . 

Lets all remember the reason for the season and be happy with what we have.

This has been a hard year for a lot of us  I'm wishing  this next year will be a much better one for us all.

Hugs LizAnne and Kimberly



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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/05/2021 3:28 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

Well, we were lucky, the snow didn't stick around for long.

Yes, the kids did come and we had a nice time as always. Ed fixed the backup beep on my was driving e crazy. They say we are to get more snow Monsy so we will see.

Alex still isn't eating but they are giving him a Boost drink and that has vitamins in it...I have no idea why he won't eat, he did that here too. he used to weigh in over 200 lbs and is now down to 60 or less. I have no idea why he won't eat. He will be 82 in April and that doesn't help ( him not eating ) he has to keep his strength up. I worry that I am going to get a call one day that he passed in his sleep. Probably better for him but not for me.

I know I will never see him home again but I like him being alive.

Not much going on here, I keep falling asleep in my chair and sleep almost the day away. I was so deprived of it I guess I am catching up.

I am starting to settle a bit better and that is good.

Won't be taking Miss Molly out as it's far too cold.

Liz, too bad they didn't have a med to clean u your

SW, good morning.

Norma good morning too.

Elly, love your tag.

Well, I am off fo the day, soon I will go sit in my chair and nod

Take care and stay safe.

hugs to all.


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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/05/2021 4:25 PMCopy HTML

Good morning one and all.

Nice here this morning, just a little fog.

I hope all of you are well and happy as can be.

We are well and doing OK, even the puppy is doing OK.

Hamburger and potato thing in the crock pot for lunch.

Candy if you did not find the radish recipe here it is.

Roasted Radishes

8 ounces radishes

2 tablespoons olive oil

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

1/2 lemon, juiced

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Line a baking sheet with Aluminum foil.

Halve the radishes lengthwise and place them

in a bowl.  Toss with the olive oil and season

with salt and pepper.

Transfer the radishes to the prepared baking sheet and bake

until tender and a little golden, about 20 minutes.  Sprinkle the

lemon juice on top and serve immediately.

I have made them with and without the lemon juice, and liked them both ways.

Wow!  That is a lot of chat for me.

Until next time.

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/05/2021 6:40 PMCopy HTML

Good Afternoon, Everyone! I am running late today, since Rob and I were sitting here chatting for quite a while. We were discussing the conversation I had with the Insurance Company on Rob’s last hospital. When he had his stroke, it was $325 per day. Starting last year, it’s now $350 per stay, no matter how long the stay. I think the hospital put it though as 2 admissions, because the September statement shows the 11th to the 15th, and the one I got yesterday, shows the 11th to the 24th. I guess that I am going to have to go to the hospital, with my records from the insurance company, also showing one stay. Meaning one admit, and one discharge. These hospitals are going way above and beyond. I don’t care what insurance pays, I refuse to give them one more penny than I have to. I have a feeling this is happening, since I created such a big stink over his care, when they were screwing up so bad. Now the insurance company is fully listening to my complaint, and he is having someone call me back on Monday. I am pushing this real big, starting just after Christmas, since all of the invoicing should be clearing off the insurance company by that time. They want to play games, I will show them just what kind of pushover I am. Don’t give a damn at this point, because they can pay for their crap real quick. He is still on A-fib meds because of their stunt!!1

I got a phone call from Will. He was hunting for the weekend, and he was on his way home, from South of San Antonio, headed back to Spring. It’s about 3 hours drive, and he didn’t have much sleep. We talked a lot more than I have talked to him in quite a few years.

Time to get moving! He mentioned the minerals again, and I told him that he has nothing to worry about there. All of it will go to KT, once she is old enough to put her name on the business. All of our collection will go to her, and he said he would still have to mess with it, if she wasn’t old enough. I set him straight there very calmly, and he actually listened for a change. He then said if he didn’t have to mess with it, then it would be Tuff. I assured him that we have spoken to Tiff about it, and she knows what our wishes are, and she is willing to take care of it. He got quiet for a bit, and all I could think was, “Be careful what you ask for, because you may get exactly that!!!” I also informed him that she would also get the house to do as she needed to with that. I then told him that his Older Daughter, Kelsey, KT’s Half-Sister, was entitled to nothing, since she has bitterly written us out of her life. He agreed on that one, and I was glad to keep him talking, to make sure that he didn’t fall asleep driving.

Liz...Thank you! Yes, seems I am also allergic to the inhaler that the Doctor gave me as a sample. Go figure!!! So, I won’t be doing any more of that, but I sure am sick of coughing. I am also eating a very bland diet, and keeping dairy out of it, for the most part. Also staying away from the acidity, since I have hives yet. it sure is hell getting older!!! No, like you, radishes were always in salads for me. Rob isn’t sure he would like them, but is willing to try them. Never now unless he does. Maybe get him to eat one more type of veggie. If I give him carrots, and it’s more than 3, he is griping up a storm. Don’t think that stops me though. lol The devil in me comes out, and he knows it. Yes, when they took my gall bladder out, it made a big difference in my eating habits as well. No more heart burn and indigestion from a daily thing, and now just get it when I am feeling under the weather. But these food allergies also had to do with my gall bladder, along with how my digestive tract works. Yes, I don’t blame you for deciding to stay home. She is becoming more and more dependent on you all the time.

SpottedWolf...Thank you for the recipe, and I just didn’t go looking for it yet. I was dealing with invoicing and various other things yesterday. I was sort of in a vegetative state yesterday, with not feeling like doing anything, but laying around lazy. Rob is willing to try it, and says it shouldn’t be too expensive, if he doesn’t like it. I do appreciate you putting int in here, and looks relatively easy.

Time to scoot!

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/05/2021 7:21 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning at 11am I just got up at 10:30 slept well.

Leo has been a busy busy bee lately.  He got the tree up and decorated.

He also did the outside.  I helped him a few days ago in the garage 

bringing down stuff and rifling throug some things for crafting.

It did me in and was hard for both of us.  So I am back on the iron pills.

I feel somewhat better today, I keep forgetting that I am anemic and have been all my life.

I will have to take Miralax daily to keep things going ok.

Leo is at Rita's helping her with her new slim tree she

got.  Last night she brought over a 3ft Santa and we put him in the front entrance.

He is pretty.  We think along the same lines as we gave her a figurine of kneeling Santa

praying to baby Jesus.  She was delighted. with it.

Rita had these little tee lights she wanted me to copy so I got all six of decorated and finished

last night.  They will go on packages to decorate.  Now I can get back to my gnomes. LOL

I will be in and out, in order to give my eyes a break.  I have my screen as dark as I can make it

and in some instances the background is black.  

Plus I want to craft, wrap gifts, dust , cook, etc.  Y'all know what I mean. LOL

I need to send the cousins Christmas cards. All back East.

We are glad to have Rita and Doris as they are good company.  

I think that is about it for now, if I think of something else I will pop in .

Be well my friends, stay safe and I send you hugs.

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/06/2021 2:21 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! Rob laid down for a nap yesterday, and I stocked the empty holes in my tables. I did more later, then packed 2 orders to go out today. I also had to pack up my label printer, since the printer head is scratched, and causing a problem with the Post Office reading my labels. The company will get this one back, then send me a new one. I do like the machine, and considering it’s had a little over 200 labels put through it, it should be lasting a lot longer than that. It will have to go out UPS. Till the new one comes in, I will have to use my regular printer to print labels, and then tape them to the boxes.

I worked more last night, pulling out some amazing new Malachites, Azurites, Aegarine and Smokey Quartz pieces. I will be selling them directly out of the flats, since there is so many, and hope that I can get some of them moving. They are amazing pieces.

I do have to run to the grocery store, and also pick up Rob’s new script of insulin. I only have a couple more days left of the last order. That is one thing I don’t want to run out of.

I still have this rattle of a cough, and wish I could get past this part of it. grrrrrrrrrr It sure is annoying, and had to lay down too long, so I am not getting enough rest. Can’t seem to get his horrible lump coughed loose.

Norma...Yes, when you are anemic, you have to be careful. Rob has been doing well, since he had the one unit of blood, found out where the bleeding was, and got that corrected, and now the iron infusions. We go back in March, to make sure he is still doing well, and then it will be another 6 months, if all comes out fine. Sure would be cnice if they had something better, for long term for you. It sounds like Leo is getting all of you set up well for Christmas. We aren’t putting a tree up again this year. Just can’t be bothered with all of that mess right now, and really no place to put one.

Time to get moving!

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/06/2021 2:35 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning  everyone  it stormed during the night here it woke me but I stayed in bed .

Lots of loud thunder  and heavy rain.

Don't know how bad the wind was I haven't looked out yet.Still to dark  to see much out there and it's 8:20 am.

Says it's 56 out there and raining still.

I will be staying in for sure .

Candy Hospitals have a way of screwing the insurace and they always have  just to get more money thinking the customers with the insurance will know any difference. The were at one time really in a turmoil with medicare from over charging. But people also try and take advantage of the insurance companies. I'm glad you have all your paper work to fight them not many people try to stand up to them.

Beth glad  the kids came and he got the beeper stopped for you .

Spotted Wolf that recipe is interesting I may have to try it .I love the pictures also .

Norma glad you and Leo are doing ok and getting all festive .Rita and Doris are very good friends and neighbors .

I need to get some shopping done but not in this kind of weather.

My aunt has worn almost all the nieces out that have even tried to help her .I guess I am the last one  and I am about done myself. I will go over and get the flowers but  now she wants me to come and go take her to a couple of schools that are too far for her to drive and set with her all day and that's not happening .

Wishing everyone a lovely day 

Hello to all that follow 

Hugs Liz

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/06/2021 3:49 PMCopy HTML

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/06/2021 4:08 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

Well, we have snow once again. if this keeps up I will be one lonely person as I don't want the kids to travel in this.

They called yesterday to get permission to clean Alex's teeth. I gave it but it had better not be too often as I can't afford it. They take over half my pension now so I don't know how they expect me to live. I want him looked after or I would have said no. I don't want him in any pain. we will see where this goes.

He is getting good care and that is good but if this keeps up I won't have money for food. and my bills. I hope my subsidy comes soon.

All is well here so far, I am adjusting to the single life but sure do miss him.

This is a horrible robs everyone of their loved ones. I hope they find a cure for it soon. Won't happen in my lie time but I sure hope it helps others.

He remembered wh I was the other day and we talked for a while on the phone, he is very weak from not eating and it's very hard to hear and understand him. I miss him so much.

Elly, good morning dear.

Norma sounds like u are getting all ready for the season ahead.

I plugged my little tree in and that will be it.

SW, beautiful church picture and ty .

radishes sound good but I love them raw with salt.

Liz, your aunt sounds like my mom, she calls we have to answer..makes me mad.

Well, I will be off. take care and stay safe.

hugs to all.


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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/06/2021 10:30 PMCopy HTML

Hi all, just got back from Kohls and the UPS, yikes expensive to send things back UPS.

Then we had breakfast at the Breakfast Club.  

Home now and ready for a nap.

Later my friends

Oh yes I like the church picture because there are not that many steps. 

And there is a ramp.  So nice.  Our church here in Menifee has many steps,

but on the side there are no steps into the door to the back of the church.  

 But these days we watch the

Mass on TV.  

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Re:December 2021 daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:12/07/2021 1:45 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone . My internet was off and on all day so I didn't even try getting back in here

They are taking towers down around here why I don't know but I had it out again with AT&T. It started that off and on Sunday and continued through yesterday.

They also said they are replacing some old wiring.

I don't believe  them at all on some of the things .I've never seen there trucks out on Sundays but maybe they were .I stayed in yesterday but do have to get out today and get some groceries.

It's cold this morning and very windy out there .It's 34 degrees but the wind makes it feel like 20.

Not much going on here.

I will put a small tree up and that's for  Garner have to have Christmas for her .

I want be cooking a big meal for sure . If I don't get out and get moving there want be any presents for her either .

The kids will all get money again this year and they loved that last year so from now on that's what it will be .

Candy sure wish you would get to feeling better soon .

You need to find some time to just rest. I know its hard to do but you need to try to .

You know I have been there and I know it's really hard for some me time .

Norma glad you got to get out yesterday .

Wishing everyone a lovely day

Stay safe 

Hello to all that follows 

Hugs Liz

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