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Date Posted:12/17/2021 9:00 PMCopy HTML

Come on in and pull up a chair and grab a cuppa

We are all family here and lets just share our Day/night with each other.In here we can chat about anything we love knowing what we are all doing .

Let's all enjoy and Have fun

Wishing everyone a great 2022 

Hugs LizAnne and Kimberly



Backgroun, tiles, and tag by; LizAnne

LizAnne Share to: Facebook Twitter MSN linkedin google yahoo #71
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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 11:37 AMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone  It's cold  this morning and calling for snow here tonight and tomorrow.

That I can do without and I'm sure glad I made it out a couple of days ago and loaded up.

Yesterday it was a nice day and I got a lot done in the yard. Got  4 roses cut back and then about 5 hydranger

Bushes cut way back my back gave out before I finished still have several more to go and more roses to go too.

These roses grow so big and have still been blooming up until last week. My camellias started blooming and then the cold got them again this winter the bushes are loaded with buds and they were  blooming some the white one only saw one bud open and the freeze got it. Hopefully some more of the buds will open they are so pretty.

I thought I would really be sore this morning but I'm not as sore as I thought I would be .Maybe I will get it all done out there this week if the weather permits.

If not the rose bushes will take over the front of the house.

This yoyo weather is going to make a lot of people  sick for sure .

Wishing everyone a great day and week end .

Hello to all that follows

Hugs Liz 

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 11:50 AMCopy HTML

Good Afternoon all. Since yesterday, the covid measures have been relaxed. Shops, sports clubs (outside only) and hairdressers are open by appointment and allowed a certain number of people at a time. Theaters, cinemas and restaurants are not allowed to open yet and we are obliged to wear a mouth cap everywhere. The rapidly increasing and high number of infections with the omikron variant makes it necessary to continue the closure of other locations. Indeed girls i'm glad Sharon came online and she is okay. I was looking for carrots in the challenges pages. And passed by snaggables when my friend Chris was still a member here. It's very cold and foggy here again. I hope and wish you are all doing fine?! Have a fine weekend.
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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 3:33 PMCopy HTML

Good morning all.

It is a cold morning here, at least for

Southeast Alabama.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

We are doing OK here.

Stir-fry Chicken with Pineapple for lunch.

And how quickly it goes when you don't have anything

to talk about.

Until next time.

In Arizona, Fort Apache.

General Cook's Cabin

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 4:18 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! Rob is full of “pi$$ and vinegar” this morning! I am glad to see his spirits are up, and while he says he isn’t feeling real well, he does feel a tad better. I will take that for sure. I did threaten to clobber him though. lol

The wind picked up this morning, and it’s still in the 40’s. I hate the weather being. I did get the bigger coffee table put back into the living room, putting the smaller one in it’s place in the front room. We do have room to get his walker and his transport chair through there. The bigger ones gets in the way of the wheelchair, but that is out on the shop at this point. Eventually I will have to put a tarp over it, to keep all of the dust off of it. Especially when I get out there to do some woodworking again.

I just got a call back from general manager about my birthday meal I ended up paying for. I told him that he never called me back, so I dealt with it on the phone. He said that he was out sick, and that is when I unleashed, since he also had managers that could also have taken care of some of it. He did put in the $40.00 rewards, but didn’t follow through with anything else. He again apologized, and asked what he could do. I told him that the original $25 was to expire today, and they gave me an extension of a week, once I called them, and he has done nothing that he promised to do. If he got sick, then he should have delegated it to one of his managers to follow through with. He didn’t do that, and I also threw that at him. I informed him there was no reason for this mistake, since the bartender that rang it up has been there a while, because I believe he was the one to deal with me one other time over my birthday reward in 2020. The GM never called me back last week, so I told him to loose my number, and he can’t make it up to me, cause I am done. Then I hung up the call.  I am getting sick of the attitudes of some of these people, not doing what they promise to do.

Liz...I read your post to Rob, and he was amazed that you have Hydrangea and Camellias. He did say that the rain will also turn the Camellias brown. He used to have them in BC, and they would wait for them to bloom, and would get them one day, and the next it would rain. Nothing but a bush with all brown dead heads. He used to be the one to take care of the handing plants in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. He would water, then dead head. He also got clippings for himself, and started his own from the clippings. He gave tons of that stuff away when he moved. He does miss all that, and we also used to have lots of that stuff here as well. Then it got to be too much for me to keep up with, working so much overtime.

EllyBl...Here we call the masks face diapers. They are only required in Hospitals and Doctor’s offices in our state.

SpottedWolf...Your lunch sure does sound yummy. Rob and I both enjoyed your pictures, and they are amazing. We haven’t been there, but it’s way too nice.

Time to scoot!

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 5:15 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

The kids are going to come today, Lani is feeling much better tG!

It's very foggy here right now..hope it clears soon.

I got my bed stripped and the pillows ready and Lani will help me put it together It's such a job for me to do.

Not much happening here today.

I cut my blood pressure pill out and will see if that is what is making me so lightheaded and dizzy. I read up on it and it could very well be.

I got my new mattress cover so out goes the was so stained over the years.

Elly, sounds like things are a bit better out your way with the COVID...they still have my husband in lock down so no one can see him. ;(

Liz, you sound busy once again.

SW. that cabin looks comfy to me...I noticed they put a white door on

Morning Norma.

Well, off I go, got to rest up a bit s I have been busy all morning.

Stay well and keep smiling.

hugs to all.

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/15/2022 8:16 PMCopy HTML

Still morning for a few more minutes

Good Morning All

I love the stained glass windows in the church SW and

the General's cabin, it sure is sparce, I think I would like my house

as uncluttered as that. LOL

We are getting nice oranges from our tree.

And the lemons are plentiful to share with the

neighbors. Leo made frozen lemon cubes.

It has been quiet around here these last few days.

Except today when Leo went to the mailboxes and

our dear sweet Ann down the street was outside

yelling and screaming, she has lost it and I hope

her daughter can get her help. Leo doesn't understand

why the daughter was not out trying to get Ann back

in the house.  He rang the door bell and the daughter

came out and Leo told her to tend to her mother.

Leo is the only male on the street and loved by all.

I have been busy in EFR making tags for their Siggy

Swap . I had 44 tags to make and I am suppose to

get back 44 also.  That took me two days to get done as

my eyes are giving me so much problems with the 

awful burning. It may be my last month to sign up for

that...I think.  

I will try to send you all the tag I made, it may take me

a few days as I am behind due to my eyes bothering me.

I think not having to worry too much about Alex Beth, has

been helping you with doing more...but remember to

not try to do too much at one time...I hope Alex gets out

to the garden soon and his hip protector will arrive soon.

Candy and Rob we send you thoughts and prayers for

your good health and happiness.

Lizanne be well and you also don't work too hard.

Hi Elly, I laughed at the mouth diapers.  

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/16/2022 2:36 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone  We have snow this morning and it's cold.

I love seeing it but not going out in it.

My camillias are still full of buds  but  they want open now I'm sure the red ones did have a lot of blooms

But the white one  had only the one bloom  it was pretty.

I have had all 4 to bloom but not when we get a lot of rain.Now I know why.

The roses like the rain and keep blooming more and growing more.

It seems the hydrangers muliply every year. They are blue and very pretty but they are taking over so I have been cutting them back.

They were my sister's favorite flower.

Spotted Wolf loved the pictures and I would love a cabin like that one .

Elly the weather is crazy here and I don't wear the masks  but I stay in a lot.

Norma  I bet everyone does care a lot for Leo . Did Ann's daughter get out and take care of her mom?

That's about all I know this morning 

Wishing everyone a great day 

Hello to all that follows

Hugs Liz


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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/16/2022 3:21 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! I had the heater set at 68 at bedtime, and I figured it would be fine. That thing came on and felt like it stayed on steady. I turned it down to 67, and it made a tad bit of difference. When my face gets too hot, I can’t sleep. Just after 8 this morning, when I checked the temp, it was 37F, and that is damned cold for here. It’s supposed to get down to 35 tonight, so we aren’t over Winter yet. grrrrrrrrr Highs today are 56F, and even that is colder than I like it.

I got laundry sorted, and my first load in. I am behind in my laundry, and it’s a good thing we have lots of clothes, because I have 6 loads sorted out there. There are almost 2 of warm-ups. That is mainly what we wear around the house. I even get away with them for our shows, since I don’t put us on camera, but do the minerals.

Today is my Oldest Granddaughter’s birthday. Lindsey was born in 1991, and she is in the Air Force Reserves. She started in the Army Reserves, and a few years later, switched to the Air Force Reserves. She loves it! This is the Daughter of my Former Step-son in Mesa, Az. I still call them my Son and DIL. I divorced his Dad, and not him. John always introduces me as his Step-mom, and then looks at Rob and says, “Now having said that, you would think this is my Dad, but he isn’t, and I still claim him anyway.” He always loves the confusion on people’s faces. Lindsey calls Rob Grampa Rob, and I am still Gramma.

Norma...Many cabins back then were pretty sparce. We all tend to clutter more than they ever did back then. They used to have to move all of their belonging in a covered wagon, so they kept the minimum. How lovely to get lemons and oranges. Yes, I bet your neighbors all love that you share with them. Yes, since Ann isn’t right in the head, it’s not safe for her to be outside. I hope that they can find her some help. That is a lot of tags, but I used to make a few hundred every week. It’s been a while since I last made a tag, and would have to remember how to do some things. I hope to be able to get back into it before too long. I have thousands of dollars of tubes. Thank you, and I do appreciate that. Yes, here all over, we all call them face diapers. The only thing they cut off, is the oxygen to our brains and bodies.

Liz...I am so sorry to hear that you have snow. I told Rob that you got it, and I can’t repeat what he said, but knows that you aren’t happy about it. We sure wouldn’t be. I am so sorry to hear about your flowers. I had a big hibiscus, and it froze bad during that freeze last year. I had to cut it off just above the ground, and it was just starting to come back. Yes, when it comes to a lot of the flowers, Rob is pretty knowledgeable, since he took horticulture in college, after he retired from the Fire Department. He said BC Canada was full of them, and they only bloomed for one day, because they got a lot of rain on the Island.

Time to scoot!

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/16/2022 4:58 PMCopy HTML

Good morning all, I am up early as I went to bed early last night.

Woke up at 4:30 and went back to sleep until 8am. Got the tail end of the Mass that Leo was watching.

I will have to catch another one later.

Quiet around here and the sun is out and it is a lovely day. Not a cloud in the sky.

I'm hoping today to get into all this paper clutter and throw stuff out.

My eyes have been burning a lot lately making it hard to be on the computer

for too long a time. So my plan is to get off the computer at least every hour.

I don't know what I would do without the computer work. LOL

It's hard to get around and do too much around the house.  I did get some

dusting done last week...and help with the cooking and keeping the kitchen clean.

Hope you all have a beautiful Sunday

Be well be happy and stay safe.

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Re:January 2022 daily chit chat

Date Posted:01/16/2022 6:17 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

The kids came yesterday and was I ever happy to see them.

I miss them so much.

Ed did some little chores I had to get done and he took my car to give it a good run. The battery was dead again so he had to charge it up. He is going to put my scooter lift back one if they come next week. Not that I have anywhere to go but I could at least visit the shops and look around.

The ladies called yesterday and I told them I want to try to do it myself to break the boredom, they will be here this week to collect their money from last time. If I take my time and don't overdo it I think I will be fine.

Te home called yesterday and Alex does have a bladder infection so now they will be treating him for it. They had a heck of a time getting a sample from him, they tried putting saran wrap over the toilet and he tore that off. then they gave him the bottle several times and he came out with it empty, finally, they followed him in and handed him the bottle and told him to use it..walla! they got what they's a bacterial infection so more antibiotics. they say he is doing much better on the meds for Alzheimer's TG!

No more outbursts and he is calmer. I bought him a cat that meows and moves, Lani is taking it up for him today along with some grapes that he loves, she also sends bananas and oranges for him and bags of cookies that he loves. she is going to put a note in for him to read letting him know I love him. I miss him so much but there is no way he can come home. he is far too gone. His hip protectors came but they take him out in a wheelchair now to make sure he is safe. Lani keeps encouraging me to go into the home and be with him but right now I just don't feel like leaving my home. My time will come I am sure but not right now. I would miss my Molly too much. I would love to e with him but I'm just not ready.

Norma, sorry about your eyes dear, mine burn too and they run a lot. Take care and you have a wonderful man in Leo.

Hi Elly, stay well dear.

Hi SW, love your pictures and yes, that cabin sure looks

Liz, the only flower that survived here were the

Well, off I go for now. Hope you didn't get bored reading my book.

Take good care and stay safe.

hugs to all

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