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Date Posted:10/26/2021 5:59 PMCopy HTML

 Come in and Have a seat grab a cuppa and lets

Chat a while. Share  your day/evening with us.

We are a family here and love to hear all about what's going on in each other's part of the world.

Not a lot goes on around here just up and down  Cleaning Yard work and putting up with a brother

That doesn't know much most of the time .LOL

I hope we are all Thankful for what we have and hope everyone has a better month  this month.

Hope we all get to have  a great Thanksgiving with Family and Friends.

Hugs LizAnne and Kimberly


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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/11/2021 5:09 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

Well, I got the report on Alex yesterday, he has dementia and delusions, that's why he would switch from one person to another all the time..it makes sense now.

They are also working on trying to get me some help for my monthly pension...I have been so worried about that..sure hope it works out.

Liz, I don't blame you for not wanting to go out in the rain.. I don't like to either..better safe than sorry.

Thank you for the challenges this morning..I miss them.

Elly, it's frustrating when you have to wait so long for something..I am going on two months now for my scooter and I need it's bad. I can't go anywhere and am going stir crazy here at home.

Norma, good morning dear.

SW, love that guitar, out sone used to play and play very well to boot. I sure do miss him.

I hope I haven't missed anyone but I am still asleep here...lol.

hugs to all.


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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/11/2021 6:34 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning

Boy what a day I had yesterday, I got snockered at lunch and that was weird

LOL  Had to lie down after Butch and Delores left. Good thing I was ok when I got up.

The preparation wore me out and poor Leo wanted to help, but it was a one person

ordeal.  They called and they were running late...That threw me off as I had everthing ready

to start cooking before they came so then I had to delay that and then what made me

nervous was they wouldn't eat until I sat down.  I wasn't prepared to do it that way.

I think I am going to purchase a taco holder.  I have seen them and I think it would have helped

a lot in fixing things up.   Oh well live and learn.  It is hard for me to adjust to other people

as we are never late.  so in my old age I have to learn to go with the flow.  

Doris invited us for Thanksgiving, Her son will be cooking .  He is a great cook and it will be


Ha ha yes we had tacoTuesday on Wednesday because they couldn't make it on Tuesday. Leave it

up to you Candy to catch that.  LOL you crack me up girl.  

Hey don't buy stretch cord, I'll send you

a good piece that you can restring the bracelet, it will  save the cost of buying a whole spool.  Let me know.  I'll send you

enough for two. How much do you sell your bracelets for?  I sold one at the boutique the tiger eye, I love the Tiger eyes,   I will just put the stretch cording in an envelope , a postage stamp will do the trick. Just remember

to stretch the cord before stringing.

Hi Beth, sounds like things will be working out for you and getting the help you will need.  It might 

be slow going, but hang in there. I hope they will be able to get you some extra money. Sounds like

you are doing a good job of downsizing for now until things get settled.

Hello Elly. darn end of December for you curtains, that's a bit of a long time.  That would drive me

nuts...But I can see that happening here as we have in our ports lots of ships from Asia and other 

countries trying to dock and deliver their goods, but the delay at point of entry is taking too long.

The people in the ships are long overdue to get back home to their families.  And now with

Christmas almost here, I feel sorry for them.  They are all tired o f not being able to leave their

ships and get on solid ground again.

SW, leftovers are good, You can be creative with them.

We still have a bit of Lasagna left and Taco fixing.

Leo says he wants some tacos , so I am off now to make them for him.

Later my friends. 

Safe travels Lizanne.

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/12/2021 12:03 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone 

I'm still home I didn't go to my Aunt's yesterday she has neighbors that can and will take her to her appointments that are close by and we had awful weather yesterday so I stayed in.

I know it's cold outside don't know the temp but a lot colder than yesterday morning the rain finally left and we had sunshine in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

I haven't heard any more from Bunny hope she is doing ok.

Spotted Wolf I love all the pictures but really love the Indian ruins they have a lot in New Mexico also 

I went to bed earlier than usual because I kept dozing trying to watch TV

This is a week end to stay in  and relax instead of running the roads .

I don't know much news  as I stayed here and inside all day.

I went out  to the store Tuesday and it's unbelievable the shelves are more empty than ever.

Norma sounds like you enjoyed your tacos  and little get together..

I use to wear jewelry all the time and now I just never wear it.

The ear ring is what I loved to wear my job that was about all you could wear.

I use to crochet a lot but not any more .

I love all kind of crafts but just don't do them any more .

Beth I'm sure you will have money to live on and you will be able to stay where you are.

Candy  glad Rob is the person he is and he does appreciate you very much as you do him .

He would do all the same for you if things were turned around I'm sure.

I guess I better get posting and trying to get game winner tags made also .

Wishing everyone a lovely day.

Hello to all that follows 

Hugs Liz

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/12/2021 2:25 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

I wish you all well.  Hopefully you will be better soon.

We are OK here, but the puppy is driving us crazy.  We don't

know whether she is going to make it or not.

Nice enough to sit out with my coffee this morning.  Just

needed some sleeves.

Going to have pork sandwiches for lunch.

And now I have ran down so 

until next time.

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/12/2021 5:14 PMCopy HTML

Good morning, not much to tell today, Lani came and I signed the paperwork and it is in the mail..The social worker will be in touch with me Monday so we will see what happens.

SW, another beauty from you. I do hope your pup will be ok. Do they know what's wrong with her? I will say a prayer for you all..

Norma..you are a real card...lol.

Liz, glad you didn't venture out in the bad weather..enjoy your bad days in.

Elly, **waving **

Well, that's all for today..it's raining here so I can't take my pup out for a walk..darn!

Please take care all and stay safe.

hugs xxxx

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/13/2021 8:56 AMCopy HTML

Good Morning all. Another very early Saturday that I'm already awake. It's autumn weather here. Rain, wind. I totally agree with you Beth and Norma. I also bought curtains for the bedroom. Makes it more cozy and warm. There are already roller blinds everywhere, but for the cold and privacy, I find this more pleasant. Is it time for hibernation yet? I think moving the clocks an hour, the flu shot and this weather will only make me tired. And today, the covid restrictions have been tightened even more for the next three weeks. And again a lot of grumbling all around. Today I'm taking it easy and I'm pumping myself up to enjoy it. I hope you are in good health and have a nice weekend. **waving** at Beth and i wish you all a good weekend. Take care.
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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/13/2021 12:51 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone 

It's cold here this morning 34 degrees  so they are saying .

I stayed home and stayed in yesterday and will do the same today.

My aunt called to let me know a neighbor took her to her last appointment  she took herself to the first one.

I knew she would get to them  and they were actually close enough for her to go alone to both.

I got all my laundry done .

Now time to start dusting again and windexing  it never ends I don't think.

Spotted Wolf I love the picture and the light house. Hope the pup gets ok .

Glad you and your wife are ok .

Really not much news around here and to cold for the outside this morning .

Beth Glad Lani could come and help you yesterday and get the paper work all done and on the way back to them

I will call Bunny today and see if she is still in the hospital.

This is going on two weeks and I sure hope they get the infection stopped for her.

Candy  guess you and Rob was out yesterday and hope he is feeling a lot better every day.

Elly I feel the same it's time to hibernate .

Norma love your attitude and sense of humor.

Wishing everyone a lovely day and week end 

Hello to all that follows 

Hugs Liz

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/13/2021 1:42 PMCopy HTML

Good morning all.

It is Saturday and time for some football.

I hope all of you are OK and will remain so.

Don't know about lunch as yet.  Something simple 

because of the game though.

The puppy is a wiener dog and has hurt her back somehow.

Oh well, my chatting has come to an end.

Until next time.

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/13/2021 4:07 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! I finally got hold of KT Thursday night, so IU could find out what they were going to do about this weekend. She wanted me to instead make another trip up there on Saturday, to get her and KV. Nope, that is a third trip in one weekend, so I told her that we would come up and pick her up, take her to the show, and spend the day with them in Kingwood, and she was fine with that. I didn’t have to move my packing stuff out of the way that way.

I did get out while Rob was napping, and put the U-bold on the hitch. I also put a lot of reflector tape on it as well. I have another idea to try and see if someone can help me to build, to take the dip out of it, once it’s loaded with the scooter. I am also loading it myself, pulling it up onto it, so I can stand behind it, give it a tad bit of power, to get it all attached down. We had one woman at the show yesterday, that drove up beside the car, to tell us we had a nice scooter there.

We got to the show, after stopping by the bank, and picked up some cash. Got the scooter unloaded, and raised the carrier. When it came time to leave, Rob stayed on the slightly elevated sidewalk, and I drove up beside it. I put him in his transport chair, and lowered the ramp right onto the sidewalk. It loaded easier that way, since the ramp was about 8 or so inches higher, to keep from having a lot more height to get the scooter onto it. It sure made it easier parking and backing the car up, once the scooter carrier was folded up behind the car. We got loads of goodies, and spent a massive bit of money on some good sales. I did notice how expensive many things have gotten. Some are super crazy with their prices. I can’t believe how high some are on their pricing.

Norma...I appreciate your offer, but I need to get a spool of it anyway. Never know when I have to replace one here and there. As clumsy as I can be, it won’t be the last one I break. lol I had a grand chuckle with you getting snockered. I bet Leo was getting a kick out of that. Yes, a nap was probably the best thing for you at that point. rofl Yes, I noticed that Taco Tuesday wasn’t on Tuesday, but now I understand what went wrong. I noticed, since you had be guessing real bad as to what day it really was. you had me questioning if I had totally lost my mind. I sell the bracelets from 10 to 16, and they are just the beads strung onto a plastic stretch line, super cheap. That is why it broke so easily. They aren’t very expensive, so not sure how much you get for your bracelets. I got most of these in Tucson in Feb of 2020, just before the lockdowns. There you can get them loads cheaper, buying in bulk. I sold one to someone, that was reselling, and they paid me 13. They then had it on their show, and charged 40. I couldn’t believe how high their mark up was. WOW! That is plain highway robbery, IF they found someone to pay that for it. There is a reason for our ports being backed up as they are, but I won’t get into the politics of all of that. Not the time or place for all of that, but it’s going to get worse, before it gets better.

Liz...I am so glad that you didn’t travel in bad weather. Yes, so much better for you to stay put, right at home, safe and sound. She has enough Family there that can do that for her, but so nice of the neighbor to help her out. Yes, I still have the tree limbs laying on the lawn, and the leaves are dying, so need to get them moved this week sometime. I have lots more to do out there, and need to take this Winter to get this yard cleaned up properly. Thank you, and yes, I am glad to have Rob. Rob can’t help what happened to him, so no sense taking it out on him. He has notices some days, where I am not feeling up to par, but I don’t complain. Things need to get done here, so I do what I can, and you are right, if it were me, he would take super good care of me. He has in the past when I would get sick. There are many days when he questions his pills, and I just calmly remind him what is when. He apologizes to me all the time. it’s nothing we can change for right now, so we just deal with it. I know you understand, because you were the same way with Jack. Some days we would love to hit them in the head, but calmly take care, and work past it. he does hurt my feelings now and then, when he gets real short with me, but I let it roll off 99% of the time. the other 1%, I do shed a few tears, and try not to let him see it. Yes, it’s in the 50’s here this morning. And the sun is out, so I expect it to warm up a tad bit. Yes, we were out most of the day yesterday. I was so sore last night, that we rested till bedtime. Today I seem to have a sinus headache. Go figure! grrrrr

SpottedWolf...I am so sorry the Puppy is driving you crazy, and I do hope that she gets over what is going wrong with her. Love the lighthouse. We have a small on here on the bay. The lighthouse from today, sure looks a lot different than the one yesterday. I can’t even see how they get upstairs in this one.

EllyBl...Yes, having blinds is nice, but having curtains make thing so much warmer and comfortable looking. We were all from the era of drapes and curtains. Many these days use the blinds, and then MIGHT put a valance only. That isn’t anything I care much for.

Time to get moving!

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Re:November 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:11/13/2021 6:57 PMCopy HTML

Good morning all, I'm up a little later today, went to bed early and had a fitful sleep.

The feet were hurting bad and woke me up a lot.  Got up and took Tylenol. Slept again.

I read your chat Candy, and no problem.  You got good prices and sell for good prices.

I sold my bracelets for $10 and with earings $15.  That lady wasn't realistic.  

I hope our country can get itself all healed with all our problems.

I pray, and like you said enough said .

I called my niece that I haven't talked to in 2 yrs.  We had a lovely talk, and she sounded

so much better.  Her voice was uplifting and joyful.  It was nice to talk to her that way.

She suffers from depression and this is the first time I felt the uplift in her voice. 

She shared news of her family .  They have so many problems. Leo

didn't want me to call, he was afraid I would get hurt.  But I needed

to know if she was ok.  She did send an email with a bit of chat, so 

that's what motivated me to take the first (or second) step.  Very

glad I did.  She has a rebel personality, a nonconformist...More

so than me.  I kick up a lot, but eventually will conform.  Not her.

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping.  I was finished, but got some other ideas

and went with those also. LOL

Darn that Amazon, too easy.  But Leo doesn't mind  as then he

doesn't have to run around.  Most of the time I am not up to

doing any walking.

Well no Brunch cooking as Leo wants Cheerios and a banana.

Usually I make the breakfast and Leo the dinner. Then I 

clean up after.  We have a system now that I feel so much

better than in the past.  My job to also put the groceries

away when he come back from the market.  I still can't change

and make the bed.  That makes my back scream with pain.

Oh well.

S.W. I hope the pup gets to feeling better soon. 

I have never seen a lighthouse like that one.  We have seen

a lot of lighthouses when we were back east.

I enjoyed seeing that one. Wow on the Hard Rock Cafe that was

a nice picture.  Have you ever been in there?

Lizanne, I'm glad Auntie got her appointments done and you

didn't have to make the trip.

You need your rest. How are your leg and arm doing?

Hope much better.

Hello Beth, hello Elly

and Hello to all who like to read us here.

Have a grand day be well , be safe

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