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Date Posted:09/16/2021 4:33 PMCopy HTML

Here it is October where has the time gone .

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween

Come on in and pull up a chair and grab a cuppa and join in the chatting .Tell us about your Day/Night  anything that is going on .We know the virus is still around and so is the plain old Flu.

Lets have fun here this month we are getting very close to closing out this year.

Wishing us all a very good month .

Hugs LizAnne and Kimberly



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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/02/2021 7:05 PMCopy HTML

Good morning

I'm here alive and kicking, but not too high. LOL

Nope not making any more jewelery, But have been busy doing a little

cleaning around here.  Packing up and labeling things to get ready for the

boutique at the end of the month.  Making sure the sizes are correct.  I have

too much and it is tiring.  I still want to make more mens bracelets.  The

tiger eyes I love so much. Leo and our friends all love theirs.

Basically that is all I have been doing.  I don't turn the TV on until around

7 or 8 pm....I work on making tags for my groups which I love to do.

It is hard for me to chat, as no family news, and no kids or grands to chat

about...Just my sweety and me.

Leo is taking down the xtra air conditiner (in the window) for when we lose

power and can hook up to the generator.  Winter coming so it should be 

cooler.  At this time now our evenings are so nice and cool.  It is still hot

during the day and our Central Air is always going.

Bunny, enjoy the cuddles with the fur kids. Hope all is well with you.I love lots

of the graphic tags you use.  So cute.

I love to read about the antics of you all fur babys.  I miss my Boxer (Bronco) he

too also understood us when we spoke to him.  When it came time to clip

his nails, I would get out the clippers and he would come sit by me and raise his

paw....Yup I kid you not.  (he got a tiny treat for every clip)  It was the cutest

thing to see.  I would have another dog if I could..But I have all I can do just 

to take care of me...And poor Leo would end up doing all the clean up. Not fair.

When Leo does the marketing I put the stuff away. When Leo cooks, I clean up

the dishes etc...but the laundry he takes care of himself. Hangs, folds and puts

away, he usually does that while i nap. LOL  He is so quiet, I don't know what

he is doing half the time. LOL  

Candy, good for you being outspoken and telling them off at Walgreens, they did

the same to us a couple of time.  But now we are careful and ask how much on

the prescriptions and if they are over $10.00 we call the dr and ask to send to Caremart

which almost all is $10.00 for 3 months supply unless it is very expensive then 

priced acordingly.  Where as Walgreens is sneaky.  Caremart will correspond

with Wallgreens and get us a better price at times. 

Leo will not argue with folks, depends on me to yell and carry on, then tells me

to give them a citizen arrest.  (funny guy)  He hates it when I complain in

a restaurant about the food or send it back to finish cooking the meat...but

heck I won't stand for inferior food or service (if they want a 20% tip).

Well I guess that's all for now.

SW, have some lovely trips and the three of you have fun.

Hope you all are well enough to do what you want.

Beth, glad little Molly is fine and hope more walks for you all.

I can't wait for you to get your new scooter.  You did good helping Alex

get all cleaned up the other day.  Bless your heart.  I know how hard it

must be for you.

I also like the graphics you share.  Some very nice pictures.

Elly, sounds nice that your are all moved in.  Still taking it easy so the innards (lol)

will heal up nicely.  Slow and easy for you.  Have a nice birthday for your daughter.

Liz, you know what's best for you.  I am still upset about all the changes the dr

made with my meds...I will see him week after next...

Please check you gift boxes, as some new tags have been put there.

Thanks Liz for all you do for us.

Ok have to go now, lots of tags to make.

Hugs and love to you all and hugs and scritches to the fur kids.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/03/2021 12:26 PMCopy HTML


Loads of pumpkins up here just laying around in big fields. It is Sunday, October 3, and it's 51F.

EllyBl that spider is creepy but so cute.

Beth I know they know what we're saying! No doubt about it.

0Norma we had a boxer when we were young and Lucky is a boxer fanatic. Those are the only dogs she has. Right now Morgan is having trouble walking with his back legs but she has Leo and the new boy Barkly. They take Morgan to walk on a treadmill in a pool every week.

Liz I hope the rain has stopped.

Yesterday's parade lasted 2 hours. There were trucks, tankers, really old trucks, bands, chiefs, and everyone from towns nearby and even those far away. Everyone was out watching them. Lady barked at the bagpipers! We sat on the front porch but nobody else from this house was out there. Across the street he had chairs set up for his friends and served them food. It was a celebration of 125 years for the Sussex Fire Department. Jack came over to take Lady for her weekly walk when it was over and she had a great day. Tom & Jerry even got some scratchies in from Jack. The weather was perfect but today we'll relax and cuddle. Hope you enjoy your day.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/03/2021 1:40 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone It's another wet morning here.

I slept in and  now I' behind guess it's ok as I'm not on a schedule of any kind.

I've said this several times about walgreens the way they do is how they are building stores all over this country.

I got a supprise yesterday  Our water company sold out to a company in Mo. and I always paid in advance .I got the refund check back yesterday from the one that sold out.It was 55.00 so that is that much to spend with this new company but I will not pay them in advance .

Norma so good to see you and you're welcome .

I try to do as much as I can sometimes just hard to get a lot done I hate them working in this living room and dining area All the dust will take me forever to clean up  and get it all set back up plus I'm going to make some changes .

I'm getting some new pictures for the walls and doing away with a lot of stuff.

Lughead is really enjoying having his truck back and running he is staying in the road day and night.

Today I will spend boxing up some nick nacks  and getting them out of the way .I also want to get this building  cleaned out so I can stop paying for a rental storage.

I hope everyone has a lovely day

Hello to all that follows

Hugs Liz

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/03/2021 2:17 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! We are supposed to go see the kids today, so waiting just a bit, before texting to make sure that they are all up and moving. They had an Uncle die, and family had to come in from all over. They are all leaving again this morning, so we shall see.

Rob woke up having a little trouble this morning. His sugar was down, so I got his sugar tested, then got him some orange juice. He had his breakfast, and not many carbs in it, so I allowed him some shortbread cookies. He is a happy camper now. IN a few, I need to trim his beard, and get him into the shower. Get him all spiffy, to take a drive to see the kids.

Liz...That is a surprise to get money back. I guess they didn’t let you know ahead of time, that they had been looking at selling. Yes, I bet you will be scampering to get some things moved, and it will keep them cleaner that way. I know how much of a mess remodeling can be. You will be super happy to have it all done. Yes, I know what Walgreens is doing, but I am really on to them now. I don’t have much of a choice, since there is one here, and I would have to pay a lot more, going somewhere else. They are all crooked like that these days. I think it’s just people in general any more, and they prefer not to work. I am glad that Lughead is staying out of your way. That sure makes life easier for you.

Time to get moving!

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/03/2021 4:35 PMCopy HTML

Well, another day. Oct 3rd already...wow!! time sure is flying..soon we will be back into that awful heat.

Not much going on here, I had my weeks mixed up and the kids didn't come. I am glad as I was so tired yesterday. I slept 2 1/2 hours in my chair..not normal for me. Alex sleeps most of the day.

I didn't take Molly out yesterday as I have a cold, it's my own fault because I don't wear a sweater or coat when I go and it was cold.

Today I will probably do the same. 

Alex is ttill as mixed up as usual and he has lost the pillow slip to his bed now. I just bought t and now it's gone..could be anywhere.

Bunny, I'm glad Lady got her walk and scratchies...lol..I know she loves that. take care dear.

Norma, you have lots to sort out. I would get so mixed up and never get it organized...lol.

Enjoy your day dear.

Liz, I hate that part of remodelling.. all the work to be done after it is finished but its nice in the end.

SW, enjoy your trip.

Ellie, ** waving **

Well, off I go...take it easy and enjoy your day.

hugs to all.


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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/03/2021 5:16 PMCopy HTML

Hello everyone.

I am still alive and healthy as can be.

We rode down to the beach and walked around a bit

with the puppy the other day just to get her used to going a bit 

and it went well.  My wife had more trouble than the dog.

Her leg is still giving her fits.

She has a doctor's appointment next week and after then we will be off

somewhere.  We have a couple of places in mind, but it all depends on what the

doc tells her.  Will just have to wait and see.

I hope all of you are doing well.

Skillet Pork Chops with Dijon-Buttermilk Sauce for lunch.  Was good.

Until next time.

Lake Guntersville in AL.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/04/2021 11:47 AMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone it's still dark  with clouds  I'm hoping we see some sun shine today.

The temp is mild it's 63 degrees.

I stayed in all day yesterday and did some moving so when the guys get here today they want have so much to move.

Just too much tuff in here  Lot of it is not coming back in here.

I see now why it takes me so long to dust and I hate that part of cleaning.

Spotted Wolf good to see you here and I do hope your wife gets to feeling better,Maybe the pup likes to travel .

My cat always traveled with me and so did my dogs .I've only ever had one at a time and our trips were always long ones.Now it's just me and if I go any place it will be alone.

Today I will be moving my computer to the bedroom I guess or out to the den since this one is new I don't want it full of dust from the ceiling .

After all this new ceiling is done I'm going to get some new insolation and put in the attic.

I think that will help with power bill too.There is some up there and has been there since this house was built so some new added to it may help a lot.

Well I better get posting and moving  so I can be out of their way when they get here .

I got my PSP moved to this lap top yesterday But didn't get the dll files I will get them today and then hope everything will work in both places.

Candy so glad you and Rob got to go visit the kids.

I hope you both had a good trip and a good time there.

Wishing everyone a very good day

Hello to all that follows 

Hugs Liz

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/04/2021 12:43 PMCopy HTML


I never know what the weather will be anymore! Today is Monday, October 4, and it's 65F. Two days ago I had to turn the heat on!

Norma thanks so much for my gifts. You can snag whatever you like. That's how I got most of them.

Beth I take an ester-C every morning without fail and I swear they keep colds away. Feel better.

SW it's good to see you. Traveling days are such fun.

Liz I'd love to take Lady for a ride but it's getting hard to pick her up.

We had a nice, lazy day yesterday. Chewy got delivered and today I'll put it all away. Lady likes the new comforter and she sleeps later now. No lottery wins here so I guess we'll try again today. Hope you enjoy your Monday. I know we'll enjoy ours by cuddling.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/04/2021 2:08 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! Rob’s sugar was low yesterday morning, so he wasn’t feeling good when he got up. We can’t seem to get his sugar figured out properly, since it’s the Prednisone that is screwing him up, and now he is taking it all at one time, instead of twice a day. I am pulling my hair out, since he had to wake me over it again this morning. Then I go to do up his pills, and find that he is out of Pantoprazole, and had to call the Doctor’s office for a refill, since it was the last of it from the last script. Some have been filled at Walgreens and some at Optum RX, so need to get myself a better system of keeping ahead of it all.

I was awakened by him again this morning, and it took a while to get his sugar back up, but he finally started resting comfortably, but I was wide awake, so got up. It’s going to be a long day today. I should have had him up by now, but he needs the rest. I will let him sleep for a little longer, then we will take his sugar once again, and see how he is doing. His sugar goes up in the mornings, and I sure wish he was off this damned Prednisone!!!

We did go up and see Tiff and the kids yesterday. It had been 2 months since we last saw them, and it did Rob a world of good. it ended up being a “Tell on the antics of KT day” and she was a character and a half. Most of her antics she doesn’t remember, but lots she does. I have to tell the best one on her. Tiff used to bathe her every day, and she would sit KT on the edge of the tub, and just look at her crotch, to make sure that she got her good and cleaned there. One day KT looked straight at her Mom and said, “There is a hole down there.” She was as serious as a heart attack, and I thought we were all going to die laughing over that one. Tiff had to make sure that KV was out of the room when she told that one on him. That girl is sure something else.

SpottedWolf...I am glad that you are getting the puppy used to traveling. I do hope that your Wife is feeling better. Your Pork Chops sound wonderful!!! I hope that she gets a great report from here Doctor, and you can start traveling more.

Liz...I can just see you going at packing and moving furniture. Yes, it will be lots different with them doing the other ceiling rooms. I am another one that needs to put more insulation in our attic. I have it, and it’s in rolls in the attic, but I haven’t rolled it out yet. I need to get a long stick or something, to get it out along the eaves, where I can’t quite get into out there. I really need more lighting out there, and hope that I can get some, before too long. One light in the middle, just isn’t enough. It’s 76 here, and still pretty humid. We have had lots of rain lately, so lots of skeeters as well. I hate those nasty little blood suckers!!! Yes, dusting is a pain, and I can never keep up with it here. Thank you, and we did have a wonderful visit with the Kids. Yes, the crazies were out yesterday, and it’s a wonder there aren’t more accidents, with the way people drive these days. We did make it safe and sound. They are doing so much construction on the highway, that it was super hard to see our exit, so I ended up driving further south, so came in just a couple miles out of out way. No big deal, and e made it home OK. I told Rob we were taking the scenic route and we had a chuckle over that one.

Time to get moving!

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/04/2021 4:18 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone...nothing to chat about today. I watched Naked and Afraid most of the day..I sure do get a bang out of what they put themselves through..not me..I like being dressed and have my mosquito repellent with me...lol. Alex is not a fan of it but he sleeps most of the day anyway.. I put his news on and he sleeps through that too...lol.

Didn't take my Molly out yesterday..it was a bit overcast and cold. I also have a cold so I'm not taking chances. She didn't seem to mind..TG.

SW, so nice to see you and see your lovely picture..ty! I am sure the pup will love going where ever you and your wife go. I hope your wife gets good news and you can all be on your way. Stay safe ok?

Bunny, my Molly has put a few pounds on also..got to cut her food back again...lol.

You snuggle with them thar critters you hear?

Liz, once you get rid of all the stuff you don't need you will feel better for sure. I still have some cleaning out to do myself.

Norma, thank you for all my beautiful tags..you sure are good at it.

Well, off I go..take care everyone and stay safe.

hugs to all.


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