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Date Posted:09/16/2021 4:33 PMCopy HTML

Here it is October where has the time gone .

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Halloween

Come on in and pull up a chair and grab a cuppa and join in the chatting .Tell us about your Day/Night  anything that is going on .We know the virus is still around and so is the plain old Flu.

Lets have fun here this month we are getting very close to closing out this year.

Wishing us all a very good month .

Hugs LizAnne and Kimberly



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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/17/2021 5:58 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning all

The sun is out and it is a lovely day!

Our dinner turned out nice and after desert

We indulged in de-caff Baileys Irish Cream coffee.

I haven't had that in yrs.

I also haven't had a King Alphonso in yrs.  That was made with

Half and half.  Yikes, can't believe i use to drink that and loved it so much.

Normally I don't drink at all due to all my meds.   But once in a while I slip. LOL

I haven't had time to make tags, but will soon I'm sure.

I hope you are all well

Staying safe .

Lots of hugs to all.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/18/2021 12:01 PMCopy HTML


Good morning. It is Monday, October 18, and it's only 42F right now. Not much time to write because I have to leave here in an hour. Finally going to get the packing out of my nose! It was so good to see Jasmine last night and she did a great job with the garbage. Lady and the boys were so happy to see her. Anyhow I'll see you tomorrow morning with all the news. Hope you have a gorgeous day.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/18/2021 12:52 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone I'm home it's been a busy week end at My Aunts.

She didn't get a very good report  at the eye doctor then Sat I did her shopping and that took a while '

She saves all her shopping for vitimins and so forth for me to do .

I know where to find that but this time she needed a lot of light bulbs  and different things.

Then we went out to eat and she waited until almost dark for us to go and I hate driving on

 those crooked dark roads but we made it just fine .

The food wasn't as good this time as it was the time before and they were super busy.

Yesterday I did go to Church but not Sunday School with her sinse she is the teacher I was afraid I would say something to embarrass her so I went to church service only.

She says things without thinking .

She was very rude at the eye doctor for no reason.

She doesn't go back until next year thank goodness and i may not be the one to take her.

Thats my week end I slept in this morning sure felt great.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and will have a lovely day today.

Hello to all that follow 

Hugs Liz

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/18/2021 4:00 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

I hope all of you are well and happy.

We are OK.  Wife still hurting some gut mostly OK.

The trip was both good and bad.  It was good that it got

us out of the house and bad since there was no color to see.

Very disappointed in that.  Got very few photos.

The puppy wouldn't eat hardly anything so we cut short the 

trip to get her back home.  I will be back hope for a few days,

so starting tomorrow I should be online for a while.

Here is one of the photos I did get.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/18/2021 4:22 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

Well, I wasn't here yesterday as the power was out and when it came on I was too tired to get out of my chair.

Alex's numerous questions tire me to no end. he asks the same ones over and over and he sees and hears cats, all kinds of things and it makes me so nervous. I gave him his sister's phone number and his brothers but I doubt he will phone them. he just likes to ask me. I was so stressed when I went to bed I didn't think I would sleep..I did TG!

It's a cold, rainy day here again. but I like it like that so it doesn't bother me.

Bunny, I know what it feels like to have that batten u your nose, I had nose surgery many years ago and they did the same's horrible..when they took it out I couldn't believe how much was in there. Good luck dear.

Norma, your drinks sound delicious...I don't drink either but I would like to try that

Stay safe sear.

SW, I love that's beautiful for sure. sorry, you couldn't find anything else that you liked.

Miss Molly won't eat if we are away either.

Stay safe and I am sorry the wife is still suffering with her foot. I am too..ever since the bunion surgery that went bad mt foot has fallen apart..I have no arch left and my ankle is embedded in it..hard to explain but very sore.

Liz, it's s nice to have you home safe and sound...I worry about you on the roads.

Well, off I go..take care and stay safe

hugs to all.


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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/19/2021 12:03 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning everyone 

Its another cool morning here and its really like fall for sure .

Spotted Wolf so good to see you and the picture is lovely.

I'm so sorry wife is having problems with her gut I knot that feeling myself .

Hope all 3 of you are doing well now.

Norma I caught up with the chats and so glad you had a lovely little party.

The drinks sound good and I don't drink myself.

Candy hope you and Rob have been enjoying your company.

I didn't get much at all done yesterday the week end was a little much now  my brother decided to go to Memhis and I have his animals to care for .

Maybe today I will get back to it.

Bunny hope they got the packing out of your nose

and Beth hope all is as well as it can be for you

Wishing everyone a lovely day

Hello to all that follows

Hugs Liz

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/19/2021 12:31 PMCopy HTML


Everyone let me sleep a little later this morning. It is Tuesday, October 19, and it's a sunny 42F.

Norma I used to use Bailey's in my coffee but they stopped making it. So now I'm using International Delight Irish Creme in it.

Beth I don't think there was that much in it and it was there for 4 days. So there was no mess thankfully.

Liz glad you made it to church. It's been too long for me and I miss it.

SW good to see you here. Thanks for the flowers.

The doctor pulled the packing out and then looked inside to see if it was still bleeding anywhere. Then he quaterized the place where the bleeding was coming from and told me not to pick the scab for 2 weeks. Jack picked up some saline spray for me and I'm happy to say it's not bothering me. I have a prescription for 2 face masks so my nose can relax a little but my supplier's computers were down. So hopefully I'll get them today. Now for the big toe! That still hurts. Everyone's patiently waiting for their breakfast so I'm on my way. Have a terrific day.

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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/19/2021 1:20 PMCopy HTML

Good afternoon all. I'm a little lazy today. It rains. Wish you a very nice day. **waving** at Beth.
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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/19/2021 1:38 PMCopy HTML

I got money back from the energy supplier of the previous house. I have now ordered a kitchen cabinet from Ikea and it will be delivered tomorrow. Now I'm not good at driving screws because they always go crooked. So I'm curious. I recently ordered net curtains, but they are only available in 2 months! Not normal.
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Re:October 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/19/2021 2:26 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! It was cool and beautiful weather, the day after they got here. We did have gale winds, and some rain on Friday, but soon passed over. Doors were open, and A/C off, starting Saturday morning.

We have been pretty busy here, with our company. We got a message from them when they landed. I was in the middle of cooking wraps for dinner. I ended up shutting that down, and finished the meat once we got back. We had told them to go to Hobby Airport on the South of Houston. It’s 45 minutes from us, and Intercontinental is 1.5 hours from us. She fed that into the computer, and thought it was going right. Lisa booked the flights, and Joe booked the car rental. Well, turns out that they were at Intercontinental, and it was after 5 by the time they found out that their rental was at Hobby, on the South side. No cars left, or they could have transferred the reservation. I went up to get them, and made Rob stay put, knowing that trip would flat out do him in. It took me 2 hours to get to them, between rush hour traffic, and then traffic jams at the airport. What a zoo. Too late to pick up the rental car, so we headed for home, stopped by the store, and ate sandwiches for dinner, since it was 9:30 PM, before we got back home. We got up Saturday morning, and I took them to Hobby, to pick up the car rental, since it had already been paid for online. Thye didn’t have any in, and we had to wait an hour, till someone turned in a car. I wasn’t leaving them, just in case they couldn’t get one. Once it was released to them, they made arrangements to drop it off at the airport they are flying out of. Turns out no one had any cars, since there was a Girl’s Softball Tournament going on. What a mess, and that is why once I got off at the airport, it took me over half hour to even get to them. grrrrrrrrrr

After they got the car rental, Lisa had to stop by Verizon. Her new phone that was only 2 months old, broke at the day before, at the airport. Turns out that a woman was juggling lots of luggage, and wasn’t getting any help from her hubby, and she got hung up on the escalator. Lisa started to see her fall, and reached out to grab her, and dropped her new phone, and damaged something, since it wouldn’t turn back on. She did have her old phone with her, only because she plays a game on it, but it’s not connected. Thank goodness she had done a joint text between me and Joe, then he had my number. Otherwise, they would have had a lot tougher time getting hold of me, when they needed to get to our place. What a time they had, and it was well after 2 on Saturday, before they were then ready to start sight seeing. Anyway, they were happy to have her old one with her, so they ordered the new one to be sent to her home, and connected the old one, so that she had a working phone for the trip.

On Saturday night, we met up with them in Galveston, at the Rainforest Café, and had dinner out with them. We came back home with doggy bags, and got them into the fridge. They went down along the beach, then stopped at the store on the way home for some munchies. They got some fruit, and it was all cut up, and hard to open the package. Joe was fighting with it, and we were watching a movie, so I missed the action. They package finally came open, and watermelon went in the air, and down into her sweater. She then had sticky boobs. We all got a good laugh over that one. She managed to get the brunt so if, and nothing was on my sofa. They are covered well, so it would have taken a lot to mess it up anyway.

They decided since they were at the wrong airport, they got a room at the Ramada, and drove up to Houston after dinner last night, and were closer to the airport. They were just a little bit from their exit, and got stopped in traffic for an hour. They sure were glad they made the call to get that out of the way, the night before their flight. The Ramade is right at the airport exit, and they got it for $52 for the night. We sure had a quiet night, and missed them once they left. We made sure to let them know that we have a swinging door here, and they are welcome anytime. They said they would be back, and that they did have a wonderful time.

Rob’s transport chair was delivered yesterday, and it’s a beauty. We are taking the wheelchair out of the car, and using it instead. It’s so light, and I will no longer get a hernia, trying to take it out, and put it back into the car. We are both so happy with it, and love the way it folds up. It’s so light weight, compared to the wheelchair. Later on today, I will be taking the wheelchair to the shop, to store it. Will have backup that way, but am loving the new transport chair, and even easier to get him around in the house. Another piece of equipment we had to buy, and another the insurance company got away from buying. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

EllyBl...I am glad that they were able to fix your hair, and yes, two weeks is awfully quick to have to redo it. It sounds like you are getting on well with your new neighbors. I bet your Daughter and family will enjoy their trip.

Norma...Yes, you will busy with organizing things for your Boutique. I hope that you sell out. How lovely to invite Rita over for your dinner plans, and I bet you all had a wonderful time. Yes, nice to have a drink now and then, and I miss being able to do that.

Liz...I am glad that you had a good visit, and I figured that she would convince you to stay for church. It’s a shame she was rude at the Doctor’s office. I bet he is glad that she isn’t going back for a year. I am glad that you had a nice stay away, and could enjoy more time with her. Thank you, and yes, we fully enjoyed our company. They are great people, and so easy to please. We made sure that they know that it’s a swinging door, and they are welcome anytime. I can’t believe that you are stuck with the animals once again!. Yes, I can see you putting that house up for sale, to get rid of him. Just remember that if you are not far enough away, he will still pester you.

SpottedWolf...I am so sorry to hear that your Wife isn’t feeling well. It’s a shame that you didn’t find much color. The Puppy may have been off just enough to knock off her eating. If you were giving her any car sick pills, that may have affected her appetite.

Time to get moving!

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