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Date Posted:08/30/2021 6:36 PMCopy HTML

Here we are going into September nearing nearing the end of 2021.Come on in and pull up a Chair and share your day/night with us .We are all family here and we all love to hear from one another daily.I hope this is a better month for us all better health especially.Stop in if you only share a good morning .

Hugs From LizAnne and Kimberly 


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Re:September 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:09/30/2021 2:33 PMCopy HTML

Good Morning, Everyone! We had some bad storms yesterday. It was just a sprinkle when we went to his GP. I did get a call before we left for the GP, and turns out that they wanted to move his eye apt from 3:35, to 2. We can work with that. It was back to sprinkles again, so I was hoping the bad storms would stay away. I didn’t want to get into flooding rain. Anyway, we got there, and no apt written down. Funny thing was that they did have his chart in the pile. I explained twice to the front desk that he was moved twice. I didn’t find the text, showing that they had been changed, and didn’t have the card on me either. The one girl there said to put him in, because he is there for his injection. We got it straightened out. When they changed it yesterday, they deleted the 3:35, and didn’t make sure to save the 2, and it got thrown out. We do not have good luck this way. Then while in the waiting room, I got a text from the Clear Lake office, saying we had missed the apt the day before. We don’t go to the Clear Lake office most of the time, and always go to Alvin. Less kids, and not as many Doctors. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Anyway, we got it done, and were back in the city, stopping at Walgreens to get Rob’s test strips, for his glucose monitor.

Walgreens was training new people, so it was slow. The one ahead of me wanted to transfer a script from Missouri to here, so that took a while. I had Rob sitting in the car, with it running. They then said there was a problem with filling the script, because of the insurance company. Took a little longer, and they said they would fill it, and it would just take a moment. I asked how long, since I had Rob in the car, with it running the whole time. Come to find out, the insurance won’t pay for the strips, because they only authorize one or two machines. The day he got discharged from the hospital, they put one into the pharmacy, that they don’t carry, and they used the Walgreens one instead. They sold it to me on a discount card, since it wasn’t the correct one. That is why I paid so much that day, but I was sick of fighting everyone, so got the bag, and didn’t question it. We are about to run  out of the test strips, so had to get his GP to order more. Well, that started a snowball. Seems a 3 month supply, with the discount card, would now cost me $157, just for test strips. I started yelling, and made my presence known, and told them to forget it! I was hot as hell by that time. The Manager of the pharmacy was there, and he didn’t even look up at me, since he knew what I was talking about. They made the decision, instead of doing things right, and now I am to pay for it. Nothing was mentioned when I picked them up either, or I would have corrected it right then and there! As I walked away, once woman in line told me to contact his insurance company. I got into the car, and Rob looked at me, and I just said sternly, “Not now please. Give me a minute.” So, on the way home, after I got out of their parking lot, I told him. He wasn’t happy either. I have enough test strips for 6 days, so I knew I had some time to play with. Turns out, had they gotten the right one to start with, it would have been FREE for us!!! And the test strips are also FREE!!! I called his Doctor, sent an urgent message back to him, and his Nurse called me shortly to let me know it was called into Walgreens. I will be going back down there today, to make sure things are right. I am also going to make sure that they know I had to pay for something, that they knew the insurance company wasn’t paying for, didn’t tell me, and now I am stuck with a machine I had to pay for, and now can’t use without it costing me a fortune!!! I will also be making contact with the hospital later, since they should have made sure what our insurance company would pay for, before making it a closed script, that they can’t use the one needed openly, for the insurance company. I am still pissed over then not ordering the syringes, TWICE!!! I guess you are supposed to drink the insulin!!! Why can’t people do their jobs properly??? They have really topped it now, but I will deal with it later, since I will pick up the monitor when Rob naps today.

Liz...I figured that you were sleeping in, since I made it in before you did yesterday. Good for you! Yes, I bet you have one heck of a mess to clean up, but so nice to have new ceilings. Don’t go at it so hard, and make sure that you are resting. Yes, I was shocked when you said that you peel the tomatoes, but I have also done that at times, depending on the skin. Yes, this month has really flown by, and I can’t believe that the first of October is tomorrow. We are trying for better things here, but people just don’t want to do their jobs. I hate that. It’s 80 here, and seems to be super overcast yet. That will mean it’s super muggy out there. You just get things back in order, and now thinking of painting. Silly you! lol There you are telling EllyBl to be patient. Hello! Need I say more, when you aren’t patient enough with yourself? lol

EllyBl...I am glad that you had a good Dr. visit. It’s nice that they have told you what to expect. I bet you are glad that your keys are turned in, and you don’t have to deal with that pair any more.

Time to get moving!

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Re:September 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:09/30/2021 3:38 PMCopy HTML

Good morning everyone.

Well, Alex woke me at 7:00 am this morning and then he wandered around the house with all the lights one so I had to get up. He was pressing buttons and opening doors so I had to make sure he wasn't getting into anything.

Bunny, I am looking all over for a place to send him but with the COVID no one is taking anyone. I can't wait for this all to be over.

Glad you're getting your winter clothes out...it sure is getting cold fast.

kiss the gang for me ok.

I am so tired I can't even think so this will be short.

Elly, thank you for the good news..I needed to hear that.

Liz, I bet the place looks really nice...new ceilings make a big difference.

Norma, good morning.

SW, enjoy your trip.

Well, I am off..I m falling asleep at the puter...lol.

Stay safe and stay well.

hugs to all.


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Re:September 2021 Daily Chit Chat

Date Posted:10/01/2021 11:25 AMCopy HTML


I can't believe it's October already! Today is Friday, October 1, and it's only 43F right now.

Beth my gang says thanks so much. I'd also like to live in that little trailer!

EllyBl I'm so glad you got a good report.

Liz I guess you're finally getting some needed sleep.

Norma how are you feeling this morning?

Yesterday went very well. Doctor put some new cream on my sore and said she's glad I'll be seeing my podiatrist next Friday. Joan came over to bring my groceries in and I put it all away. Then I ordered more for this morning and I'm going to pick them up at 10 a.m. The ad said buy 2 8-packs and get 2 free but I never got the free ones. The man on the phone tried to tell me I had to buy more than 2 but that's not what it said. So I'm going to pick up my 2 free ones this morning. Joan's daughter-in-law is getting married today so she'll be very busy and I'll have to manage myself. The rest of the day will be filled with cuddles. Have a beautiful October first.


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